Prenatal course - online

You can book an evening course with the same topics than the weekend course.  The course would be on site or online, via zoom. 


The costs are 300.- Fr. (2.5 Stunden) i will give you a receipt. You can send it to your insurance company. They will give you a part of the costs back.



Topics of the course:

  1. signs of the begining of the birth proces
  2. stages of labour, natural childbirth, birth positions, to be born by Caesarean
  3. role of the father during the birth process
  4. breathing techniques
  5. techniques and positions to cope better with labour pains
  6. movment throught the pelvis
  7. breast feeding, alimentation of the newborn baby
  8. confinement: - the first days with the baby
  9. Questions / individual wishes


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